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The Hole in the Wall Beach (and Panther Beach) north of Santa Cruz, CA

Once through the hole at low tide, you will enter a hidden, beach lover's paradise, which is the picture at the top of this page.


Directions: Just south of Davenport on Highway 1, start watching the mile marker signs. Between mile markers 26.86 and 26.40, about a half-mile south of Fambrini's Farm Fresh Produce, there's a dirt pullout on the west side of the highway. Coming from the north, take a sharp right turn at the pullout. Parkleave no valuables in the carcross the railroad tracks, and scramble down the rocks to Panther beach. Then find the hole in the wall and pass through at low tide. Don't forget to come back out before high tide (ha) Swimming isn't advised because of strong riptides